Copy whole row after selecting a vaue

Hi, I am trying to copy a whole row based on a Choice component user input.

For ex. I have 2 columns NAME and LINK.

I want the user to choose from a choice component and when it does Copy the WHOLE row to a new table so I get NAME and LINK. When the user only chooses on a NAME dropdown.

Thanks a lot!

What are you giving the user as choices in the component? Do you mean like selecting a value from a row, identify that row and copy them to the new table?

Yep. I am giving the user ONLY the NAME option and when they select and send that COPY that whole row.

Only thing I can think of is to point the choice component to the row id of the row instead of the name. Next, create a relation column that relates the selected row id to the row id of the source table. Finally, add lookup columns to fetch the link.

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I would take a step back and ask why you are creating duplicate data?

Maybe there is a very good reason for that, but duplicating data is always something that should be avoided if possible.

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I have a database where I take data from and display some part of it for some users. That’s why I need only few rows of it.
Would I be better off copying manually? Or what? Thanks!

Could you not just apply filters?

Or if the data is super sensitive, then use row owners.

Filters could be a good option but I need them in an specific order also. Will look into it in the meantime.

It’s quite easy to both filter and sort on the front end.

If you need more advanced sorting and/or filtering, then there are techniques available.

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