Copy Row ID to another Column on Insert

Is there a way to copy a new Row ID to another Column on/after Insert in Glide Tables?

E.G. Copy the new Row ID to Property ID in Table Property, after a new Row has been added:


Preferably on Data Level, not through Actions.

I manged to get it working on Layout with Actions:


But would prefer to get it working straight on Data.

I just asked for this too. If you use the API to add rows, then yes, the rowID is in the response.

If you use a form screen to add rows, then yes, the on submit action references the new row and this the new rowID

If you use an “add row” action, then no. This would be a really nice feature though.

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I guess this would be a consideration with automations that are not user triggered. Really hope we see such things soon.

You could add a Template column and just have it grab the RowID as its value. If you need this to be a basic text column though, this doesn’t help much.