Copy/Paste issue in Data Editor - User table

Has anyone else experienced this issue?

I created a new user in my User table (using Data Editor).
I copied and pasted the Role from another user to the new user field.
On Layout, I changed ‘Viewing as’ to the new user, but nothing is displayed for this user.

*I fixed it by typing the Role again.

I do not know if this is limited to the User table only.

What visibility conditions are you using that are tied to that Role column?

The Role of Supplier is limited to seeing only one element on the Page, which it only sees once I retype over the role.

This happens with all my Roles that were copied and pasted - not just the Supplier Role.

Not sure if this is a browser issue… I am using Opera. Maybe I should try another browser?

Is it set as a Role column in the User Profiles setup?


Can you specify what “retype” here means? Did you retype in the data view or somewhere else?

I retype in Data view - directly in the table.
By “retype” I mean the following:
Let’s assume the Role value is ‘Admin’ - I then retype - using the keyboard - the value of ‘Admin’ into that field - replacing the value that is there with the same value.

Hope that makes sense.

I asked because Roles is a special type of column.

Users can only set a role that they own, and they can not change roles through the published project.

However, I understand that your case is in the data view, so that should work. If you can reproduce it, you should submit a ticket.

Thank you for your input and insight.

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This might be the copy/paste issue that @Robert_Petitto has been talking about. Something with the fact that copying an pasting introduces extra or different characters, so the Role may look correct, but it’s actually not a match.

I believe this is a bug he has reported, but it doesn’t hurt to add more reports.

Yes, I’ve also seen this. Both copy/paste, and also when importing CSV files. There doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to it - at least none that I’ve been able to find.


@Darren_Murphy Thinking about the “text” video you shared a couple weeks ago, I wonder if it’s somehow a Unicode issue, or something along those lines. Would be curious if there was a way to decode/encode the working and non working text into Unicode to see if there is a difference.

Which video is that?

I haven’t delved too deeply into it, but one thing I did try was copying some of the offending text and pasting it into a vim editor, then enabling :set list, which usually reveals unprintable/invisible characters. In this case it didn’t, so I didn’t look any further :man_shrugging:

The one you shared with Thinh and I regarding Plain Text.

oh, right - that one. I quite enjoyed that talk :slight_smile:
I’ve since sought out a few other talks by the same speaker and watched them.

Anyway, yes - something is going on. I know that Glide have been making some changes to how data is handled which is related to the new JSON columns. Possibly also related to these changes… I don’t know.


Thank you @Jeff_Hager, I will add my report to it then.

Am I suppose to set a Solution to this Topic?

That’s up to you. I think it’s a known bug, so probably not much more help that we can provide here in the forum.

Okay thanks

speaking of users, i remember you could only add new users to the table through the editor.
I just added a user to my private app using the app and i even assigned an admin role for it. Is this now possible? i even signed in using the new user to confirm the account has been created.

Yes, I am also able to add a User via the UI and assign a Role. But I also have the Role retyping issue in this case. The new User can log in but I still have to retype the Role value in the Data Editor for the User to see what they need to see.