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In my form in my Glide App, I have 2 e-mail fields. By default, the second one should contain the same value filled in the first field. The second field is invisible by default and becomes visible when a switch is checked, to fill in a different value.

To get the same value in the second e-mail field by default, I did this as a custom action. But it does not work, the value stays empty upon submission. What should I change to achieve what I want?

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I’ve used Zapier for a workaround, but if there is any possibility to fix this within Glide, that would be great.

If your second email column is the same as the first one by default, will it stay like that forever, or in some cases user will be able to change one of them? Because, if it will always be the same, why have two email columns that are identical.

The row isn’t created in time for the set column action, I have seen this a lot of times.

An alternative for you is in the inline list that links to this table, you add two logic branches like this:

  • If email 2 is empty then set column email 1 to email 2, then show details screen.
  • Else show details screen.
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In case the switch is switched off, the fields are the same. In case the switch is switched on, then they are not the same

Would this logic branch be to have extra time, so the row is already created?

Sorry, not truly sure about your switching logic so I will not try to resolve it anymore. I don’t want to bring any confusion :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
Only, the thing @ThinhDinh mentioned, I think that you are trying to set column value to an existing row so that should not be a problem. That row is already present.

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This is true. The action to add the row does not relate to the setting value flow in my method. That row is already created, and you leverage the action to open the row’s details view to set a value to that row.

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