Copy/duplicate values from whole column (glide table) to another column (google sheets)


For a game I made I want to do the following:
The users need to make their selection of football players every week. They do this by a checklist in the app and they can check a certain number of players. The checked values go to a glide sheet so it works fast and they cannot choose too many players. I needed to create calculated columns in order to limit them in the number of players to choose, therefore I do not see this final column in Google sheets.

Every week I want their selection to be copied/duplicated to another column (i.e. selection week 1, selection week 2, etc) in order to have the values fixed for that week and I can use the checked players for point calculations every week.

How can I copy all values from a column (glide sheet) to another column (glide or google sheets) other than by hand? I did not find the solution by ‘set column values’ in the actions, as it seems to copy only the selected (first) value, or by integromat/, because that cannot read glide sheets (correct?).

Thank you for your help!

That’s not easy to do.
But it’s also probably not the best idea from a data design aspect.
Why not create a joined list of selected PlayerID’s, and write those to a single row?

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