Cool Layout ideas for a home page using link to screen action

Hi beloved community (I really mean it),
I am looking for cool layout ideas for a homepage using link to multiple screen action.
What have you guys come up with for your apps. I find mine bland Argh.
Glide is limitless but not my imagination obviously.

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The best place to find inspiration is Glide’s template library.

More often than not, the simpler apps will have a nice home page.

In case of free apps, you can make copies and see under the hood how things are set up.


I am building a pro app. I looked but nothing has caught my eyes yet.
But I keep looking though.

A lot depends on what your app is about.
Some apps can do with a small home page, while some would warrant an elaborate home page, a lot like single-page websites.

Maybe a big and nice image will work?

here is what my home page look like so far.

I am building a short term rental management tool. I have images components with link to screen action but I can’t help thinking I am missing something.
It is made for professionals but I want it to be fun as well because I am fun and working if fun right.

That’s a cool layout

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This one is the best I’ve seen so far…I’ve used it in a couple apps so far:
Creating an onboarding flow using tab visibility


Thanks @Robert_Petitto
I’ve made one that I NEED to show you!

I’m kinda busy these days but maybe tomorrow I post something :fire:


@Lucas_Pires Thank you for sharing. Much appreciated.
@Robert_Petitto thank for the suggestions. You got pretty cool apps going on. I love the one for Kids chores.
What Kind of sign in method are you using: public with email ?

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Hi, @Krivo made this focused on link to screen: Compact homepages like never before


Yes. Nearly all my apps have public with email.