Converting user inputs to a word document


I’m creating an app for healthcare and I want the doctors in the app to be able to log a procedure on their phone and get it signed off by a supervisor. When they press submit, I’d like the user to get a Word Document that is populated from the form they’ve filled in for their records.

Is this possible?

My 2 cents for this:

  • Have a form to populate the “procedure” for doctors.

  • Once the procedure is logged, its status would be “Draft”, then the “supervisor” would go in, have a signature component to sign the procedure, and a button after the signature is loaded to “mark it as completed”.

  • The “mark it as completed” button would also send a webhook to Integromat/Make, which then will be passed to either a Google Docs template or a PDFMonkey template to generate a document. Then, you can send that document via email to whoever you want, or upload it to Google Drive and send the link back to the app.

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