How to send a PDF File once information has been entered


I’m trying to figure out if a PDF file can be generated after information has been entered.

for example: lets say that John the mechanic has entered in information about a car he has serviced. John also wants to add in his recommendations for the vehicle owner to take a look at for the next time the owner needs service. John the mechanic this ask his customer Bill to sign on the digital signature line and asks Bill to click the submit button once he has signed the Service Slip.

Once Bill clicks submit, Bill is prompted to enter in his email in order to receive a service receipt that list all of the service he has just received with his signature attached.

This is possible, but it requires some third party integrations, automations or scripts.

Here’s an easy-ish way to do it in integromat:



I almost given up. I will let you know how its working for me once I get it up and running.

Always let us know if you have any questions regarding this.