Converting Many Yes/No Questions to Toggles in Sheets

I have a jotform form which exports the answers to a sheet. I built an app from the sheet. This sheet has around 200 questions which begin with Yes or No and then an explanation…which I would like to convert the Yes/No part into a toggle button. However, I do not want to manually go through and create each and every toggle button if possible.

Is there a way or function inside sheets to Find/Replace those Yes or No questions and convert them all to toggles at the same time? Any help much appreciated…just trying to save some time…

I think if you insert checkboxes into each of your yes/no columns in your sheet or have True/False values already populated in the columns, Glide will convert those into Switches in the app for Add/Edit mode when adding the sheet to the app.

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Thank you … i will give that a try! Much appreciated

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