Change values to a list

Hi Folks!

I am using a tab with checklist properties to display guidelines of a policy. When a guideline is chosen you get taken to a screen where you see its details (read handy info about it), and click on a button to enter data.

So, the flow of this is that you have to complete all the listed guidelines and by checking the checkbox of each, will remind you that you completed that particular guideline as you make progress in your work.

Now … what I would like to do is have the switch component (the toggle button) to uncheck/check all of the above.

Is this possible with Glide’s functionality or should I approach this via Sheets scripting or advanced formulas? … Any word on Glide coming up with a way to make changes to a list of rows?

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I don’t think you can do this within Glide itself. I think this would have to be a script. Probably a simple script that would monitor the Uncheck switch and then loop through the checklist and set them all to false.

Thank you Jeff. Believe it or not Google is restricting me access to the script editor. With all these changes that G Suite has been undergoing, there seems to be some ancillary problem when you had a custom domain with them. I will sort it out but it will be quite a feat because they are throwing me around from dept to dept to dept. Thanks again, I will request help on this simple script that you kindly outline.

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