Control Destination of Settings > Name & Icon

Two questions about the Name & Icon setting shown below:

  1. Can the link embedded in the name or icon displayed in the far left of the nav bar be disabled? By default, it appears to go to the first item in the Navigation panel on the left.

  2. If disabling isn’t an option, can the destination of the link be changed?

My use case is a decision-tree app where the Home or Splash screen needs to be tucked away in the Menu and all screens are hidden from the nav bar.

I don’t think you have control on that.

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That’s a real bummer. :\ I can’t be the only one who doesn’t want to display the word “Home” in the top nav bar since it’s customary for websites to embed a link back to the homepage in the website/company name or logo instead of using up nav bar real estate or being redundant. I appreciate you taking time to reply though. Thx!


@tristan Here’s some feedback.

If I am understanding you correctly, you don’t want the Name of the app to be seen. If so, have you tried changing the Show option on the Name and Icon tab to None.

@tristan Please disregard. My apologies…I confused myself and forgot what my original ask was. I’ve figured out a workaround. Thx

If I’m understanding your request…you can already do that. You can hide a tab from the nav bar and the logo will still redirect you to that first tab. Just make sure the Home tab is the very first tab, and set the 'Hide from nav bar" option.


Hi, Marcia. I appreciate you chiming in on this one and trying to help. I do want the name to display and link it back to the app’s home/default page; I just want don’t to be redundant and display “Home” in the nav bar as well.

Hi, Jeff. Yes, you are understanding my request but looks like I confused myself. :rofl: What you explained does work exactly as it should; I spaced on what my original ask was:

I think I’ve figured out a workaround for my use case. I was trying to avoid replicating the Home page just to be able to add it to the Menu while hiding it from the nav bar. Thanks for getting me back on track.