Confusion with EDIT action

Hello, Gliders,

I’m having trouble controlling the Edit record permissions.

I have created a List Collection.

It is formatted so that only one specific user may Add records. That is working as expected. On the back end, when I view as that one user, I can add. When I view as any other user, I cannot Add. Perfect!

However, I have also formatted it so that only that one user may Edit records. On the list screen, this is working correctly. If I am viewing as any other user, I do NOT have the three dots that allow me to select “Edit.”

However, here is my problem. When I go to the detail screen of any record on the list, the Edit button appears there and lets me edit the record regardless of the user. This makes no sense to me.

How do I get rid of the Edit button on the Detail Screen if the user is not allowed to edit the record?


Do you have visibility conditions on your button, or do you have conditions on the action that opens the edit screen? If so, how
are those conditions set up? My initial guess is that your conditions aren’t using values from the user profile to determine the signed in user.

Jeff, you sent my mind down a different, but related rabbit hole…

It appears that the Edit button I DON’T want was a default Action within the Detail Screen, Title Component. I removed that Action from the Title Component and problem solved.

Now, the correct user can only access the edit screen through the menu in the list collection.

That is an example of the small nuances within Glide Components that always seem like a game of Calvinball (if you are old enough for a Calvin and Hobbs reference.)

Thanks so much!