Configuration of Screen lost in a Link to Screen inside a Compound Action

My app’s URL:

An error has occurred that I cannot replicate; it’s about this:

I have a button with a Compound action.
The Compund is simple and consists of only 2 actions:

  • First action: Set Columns in This Row -> This Items
  • Second action: Link To Screen -> This Item

The called screen worked regularly for several days. Today the error “No Configuration” appeared instead of the screen.

That is somehow, but I don’t know how, the screen has been disassociated and all the components in it have been lost. Now I will have to do it all over again, it was quite complex and I’m afraid of losing my job again.

I can’t figure out what the cause of the bug might have been. I haven’t developed anything new in the APP these days, other than adding some new columns in the Google sheet.


It’s amazing how unreliable this feature is. Once again I lost my job!
In my opinion, I would like Glide to revert to a more reliable version of the development environment. Better to use stable even if limited functions, rather than having most of the work thrown away due to incomprehensible bugs.
I am very sorry for the Glide team because I understand that the work is very difficult to do, but by doing so you are burning all the good things that are in this beautiful platform.
I’m sorry for this outburst. Not to offend you but to encourage you to do better.