Conditional Actions Triggers


SO there are probably posts about this but I cant seem to find them.

Is glide planning on doing conditional action triggers?

For instance if column = x then trigger action.

This seems to be a core feature in airtable but I would love to do it in Glide Natively

If the value of the column becomes x as a result of something a user does, then you can already do this.

The only time you can’t is if the column value becomes x as a result of the passage of time. As far as I’m aware, Glide haven’t confirmed that time-based triggers are planned, but many of us are hopeful that they are.

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I see what you mean. To change the initial value there should be an input at one point. So that only leaves the time-based triggers.

That would be a cool implementation

Now that I am back working I still see the above mentioned use case to be needed unless I am missing something.

Lets say I move a kanban to a new status.Can this trigger an action in any way?

I have the same question for when you add a choices component straight onto a details page. And not on an edit screen or a form.

I’ve not actually used the Kanban component, but not that I’m aware of.

No, you can’t trigger an action directly from a Choice component.

So it would need to be on a new screen with a button being the trigger.

Don’t you think that having conditional triggers would be beneficial for cases like this?

Yeah, you can have an action that checks the state of the target column of a choice component, you just can’t trigger an action from the component itself when a user makes a choice.

I’m in two minds as to whether or not actions on choice components would be a good thing. I know that people have asked for it, and I can imagine cases where it could be useful. But I can also imagine cases where it could get quite messy. :man_shrugging:


Yeah thats completely understandable. I was using Airtable for the last 3 years now and got really accustomed to conditional triggers. I was able to build really crazy automations using it.

Maybe I should look at changing my workflow a bit to fit the Glide Tables a bit more.

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