Current list of components that support actions

Is there a current list of components that support actions? Seems like I will need to implement lots of custom actions in my apps, but only button clicks support them?

There are many components that support actions, but they all require a click. There are no chron-based triggers yet.

A click can come anywhere in the app almost for the user. For instance, in my telemedicine app, some users forget to upload a photo of their covid test result, and so they would have an invalid test. But what if they do not go back to the system?

Well - a few things:

  1. if they do return to the app, there is always a first screen Glide drops people into (depending on visibility conditions)
  2. you can put clean-up logic into anything clicks on (like an inline list, and image) and then have a condition on the action ("if time > max time then do this action, else do that action)
  3. depending on your use case, someone else could change the data and make things happen from the same row in the source table (in my case, an agent can mark a test as invalid)

If you do need things to happen magically, you need to look at having data in an external non-Glide source (like Google Sheets). BUT GS pushes updates back to Glide in some 15 seconds or so if provoked by a new row anywhere in your Google Sheet, but if you just modify a value in an existing row, google only updates on a 3 min cycle it turns out.

For most use cases, this is totally fine. For me, and my special app, it has caused nightmares (which are now lessened due to some intense cleverness from folk like @Darren_Murphy :slight_smile: