Compulsory User Sign Up Page on Entry

In the App I have some User Profile fields we need added by user to provide the proper functionality.

So I’d like to make this part of the “Public with Email” Sign-in Option.

I can think of some rather complicated ways to have this page appear on its own when they sign in (hiding everything else, making visible like this if user fields not filled in), but I’m wondering if there is an easier approach.

Appreciate any input.

Use tab visibility to display only that page is the easiest way I can think of.


Agreed @ThinhDinh


Hey guys,


The Good:

  • this works

The Bad:
It flicker appears for every login afterwards, before disappearing. And users ask questions about it.

I’m designing a ‘sign up sequence’ with several of these one-time screens. It seems the only way to do this, is by repeating the above approach - or has someone done this before?

I’m basically creating a typical ‘app onboarding’ process with 3 pages.

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I experience it for like less than a second in some of my apps as well when I have an initial sign-up screen. It seems like the delay is for the system to check your conditional visibility before getting to the true tab like it should. Not ideal I know, just trying to explain.

We are working to fix that flicker.


@ThinhDinh have you used multiple sign up screens before? Or just the one?

Just the one, @Lucas_Pires have used multiple ones so he might have something more relevant for your case.

Hey @qb15

Take a look in this conversation

Hey thanks for that! @Lucas_Pires

My understanding is that this is the best set up from that:

  1. Main Screens + Menu hidden when Onboarding Column Value is “null” (not set)
  2. Use “Link to Screen” on each onboarding screen to go to next onboarding screen page
  3. “Button” for last page sets Onboarding Column Value to 1 (on click of last button)
  4. All Onboarding screens set to hidden when this happens + main screens + menu unhidden

Perfect :ok_hand:t3:

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