Compound Action Failed

I’m getting a “Compound action failed” message when I try to complete an action. The action is setup to delete a “relationship.” The relationships is to a chat log where I want the action to delete the chats attached to a submission. The second action is to delete the action submission.

Am I getting the error because you can’t delete a relationship or am I getting it because it takes more time to delete the relationship and then can’t proceed to the next step which is deleting the submission?

Or something else?

Do you have access to the action log? What does that tell you?

When I go to the log it says it was successful. Which is strange because I get an error message.

And the related rows are not deleted at all? Or are they?

I know this “error”, too! Several mails with an error-message - logs, and database are fine. In my case, there is no real error…

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