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My company has a Glideapp made for a client that allows their users to submit various forms to them. For the past 2 years we have had it set up that whenever anyone fills out these forms it was set to send an email to a specific email of my client, and then also send my client a text via the Compose SMS action. Recently, the Compose SMS action is not happening. Does anyone know of a reason or a fix to help with this?

By “is not happening”, do you mean the default Messages app in the device doesn’t open?

The action we have for created when a message is created is not happening entirely. It does 3 out of 4 steps, with the last step being Compose SMS. I have set my client’s phone number in the custom field, but it is not actually sending her a text message when someone submits the form.

The Compose SMS action should be opening the end user’s SMS app. It does not automatically send a text message without the user actually clicking on in send in their SMS app. So the question is, does it open the app, or does it not? What are the other actions that are being executed at the same time? All actions are ran at the same time, so in rare circumstances, one action can interfere with another…especially if it takes you outside of the app to send an email or send a text message. I think even a show detail screen action can interfere if it’s not the last action.

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I haven’t been able to check to see if the app opens SMS on the submitters phone as I have been testing via the web based version. The form is also set to send an email to my client as she wanted both set up. I’ll have to test via the app to see if what you advised happens. Thanks.