Compose email: Can an image be inserted?

Who knows how to compose an email within Glide such that the recipient receives an email containing an image?

I’m hoping it’s possible to insert some RTF around a link to a published image so that the image is displayed and not just the link to the image. Maybe some characters can be used to instruct Gmail or Outlook to display the image vs. simply show the link?

Experts will be pointing wildly at Zapier, which is the back-up plan. But if there is a lazy way to do this without using integrations then I would be super happy for any pointers.


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Hello @Simon_Hill
I think it’s not possible directly in Glide
The mailto: … URI standard only provides for plain text.
To send an image in an email you must go through Zapier, App Script or other.

Have you tried html tags? Most email clients can read html.

Hi Jeff,

No I haven’t tried that… sounds like it should be worth a try. Do you have an example I could try?

I’m guessing this is the sort of thing you get when you go to Youtube and it gives you the option to ‘embed a link’

What would the code look like to embed an image?!

If your image is hosted and the URL is publicly available then you can insert something like this into your email body and the email client will usually render the image:

<img src="<URL GOES HERE>" width="500" height="600">

Give it a try.


No, that didn’t work!

Pity, because when I paste the text I used in my email into this message, it automatically generates this image:

What’s the email client you’re using? And what text did you paste?

This is the text I used, in an email sent from MS Outlook to gmail.

Might just be worth trying this:

<img src="<URL GOES HERE>" width="500" height="600">

Worth a shot

no - afraid that doesn’t fly either.

How strange. Works in my email clients, but to be fair I don’t use Outlook nor webmail. Sorry I can’t be more helpful.

Check to see if there is an option within your email to display messages as Plain Text or HTML. If Plain Text, it won’t read the HTML code.

Also I notice you have a gmail account. Try opening the email via the gmail website and see if that works?


Thanks Joe but neither work.

I notice even cut and pasting the Embed code provided by Youtube does not work when you send a regular email (not using Glide). It seems like email platforms require images and videos to be inserted at the time of composing the email…

so the search goes on!

Do you want to send your test email with the html to

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I know you mentioned that you didnt want to use Zapier, but I am currently sending out HTML emails via Zapier and seems to work fine. But I also use Zapier for other things so the cost is mute. However, I use an email template vs sending custom emails, but I assume you could craft something in a text field and route it to Zapier and place it in the Email Body section.


yep, looks like Zapier is the solution for emails with with images/videos.

So hard to believe to be honest.