"Components template"

I have a page composed of different components and this page is present in about 6 different parts in the Glide Page. This means I had to develop this page 6 different times despite it was the same combination of components. Is it not possible to save a specific page (made up of a combination of components) as a template so you can quickly add it to whichever new page?

Basically once you develop it once, let’s say like this:

you save it and re use it anywhere else with 1 click. Otherwise it’s easy to make that same page slightly different each time especially naming the labels differently.

You can copy/paste the Container and all its components will go with it!

If you’re configuring multiple screens that are the same, the “Details” screen is static when referenced in different areas of your project. If you use something like “Show New Screen”, you’ll always start with a new configuration for that screen and have to configure it manually the way you’d like (or copy/paste components from other screens you’ve configured previously).


Thank you for your reply!
Copy and pasting can only be done one component at a time and not all together, correct? It will still be annoying to copy 20 components one at a time and pasting them on another page. (If there are several containers for example?).

You can copy all components at once from one screen to another. But, to expand on what @kyleheney said…detail screens are attached to tables, so if you set a detail screen once, you can reuse it elsewhere. To get to this detail screen, you have to either navigate through a list, or you can use a button with a ‘Show Detail Screen’ action. Actions such as ‘Show New Screen’ will always give you a new unique screen. Depending on your use case, it may or may not be useful to have a separate single row table to drive this screen.

It’s a bit complicated to explain until you fully understand how glide works. I touch on reusable screens in this post.