Any plans to share components ? Instead of tedious copy-paste that don't even keep the code (action), layout (detail screen from inline), etc

I know it’s no code, but, even Figma / XD can share components to make our work smarter & cooler.
It’s so tedious to copy-paste and not even keep all the code (like an action : all customized actions are set to “None”, most of the time).
And it’s so standard to just share a clickable logo throughout the app and update it from 1 single place.
Does it fit with Glide’s mindset?

I agree with you! It is enough to realize the ability to save components as templates within a user account, with the possibility of reusing them in other applications. Even if this option will be paid (per account), I think many of us will agree to use this functionality extension.


Thks, migo :slight_smile:
I just noticed as well you cannot copy-paste component from one app to another (say your dev app to your production app)

+1 for this feature request …

Although I must add that components lately do keep the actions PROVIDED the screen/table/sheet you copied from is the same as the sheet you are copying to…
Unless you mean global copy & paste of component and actions regardless of the screen you are on or copying the component to…
I would vote for this feature but I am at my limit with votes.

  1. Private storage option (16 Total Votes)
  2. Regex data Validation (3 total votes)
  3. In App notifications (4 total Votes)
  4. We need a CHAT Component ( 17 Votes)
  5. Better & Consistent If Then Else Logic (9 total Votes)
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Well, Luther, even though you have exactly the same components and contents and your copied action very seldom copies the whole stuff (like a logo that always navigate to the Help screen wherever you are, and appears 10-20 times within your tabs, the details, the “more” details… You have to copy and reselect the whole settings… If you want to show exactly the same Help screen.).

Don’t worry. I myself have no more votes in store (I think).
But thks for your support :cherry_blossom::blush:

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