Component stopwatch

Hello, I’ve got a probleme with Stopwatch…
When I start the stopwatch (00:00:00), it passes into timer mode (00:0-59:0-59) after a few seconds. Why? Is it a bug? Is There a way to leave it definitely in stopwatch mode? Thank you so much for your answer!

Do you have any sort of formatting in the sheet that would be overriding the date format that was set by the Start Time? What does the Start Time column look like in the data editor? Does it match the time you started the stopwatch?

Thank You very much for your answer! I’m french, and my english is not perfect. I understand your answer but I think the best way to resolve the problem is to send you the Link of the app.
I’m a teacher and the app is for my student. These are only the first stage of my app. I can’t wait to be released to move forward.
I hope you can help me.

Hello Jeff and thank you for your help. I will try to answer your questions:

  • What does the start Time column look like in the data editor?
    It looks like this: 2020-12-09T17:26:49.129Z
  • Does it match the time you started the stopwatch?
    Yes, absolutely!
    What is very curious is that the stopwatch remains in stopwatch mode (00:00:00) once in ten but 9 times out of ten, it goes to timer mode (00:0-59:0-59)…

I think we should can the stopwatch idea and just take the code and make timers, with that people could make their own stopwatches.

It’s probably a good idea, but that’s beyond my skills…

Is it showing up as a date/time column? You can edit it to any format of date/time you want.

Many thanks to all of you. You have been a valuable help to me. So I changed the format of the commun (start Time) and actually it works in stopwatch mode and no longer in timer mode. It is percfect.
Thanks to you, I will be able to continue my app.