Component "locator" / bubble?

I don’t know if this necessarily needs any type of back end overhaul but would it be possible to bring back the component “locator” / bubble when hovering over components in mobile view?

Case use: when there are multiple components on one screen, especially when a good number of them are conditionally visible, it’s difficult to find the one you need to manipulate when it isn’t highlighted on the left. Ex - when hovering over the component on the left, it highlights the component in the mobile view:

(Apologies for the poor picture quality, I had to use Steps Recorder to capture the cursor)


As you can see above, there’s a blue highlighted box around the component. But when you hover over the component itself, there’s no correlating “locator” / bubble like there used to be on the left:


Can this be changed back?

Yes, there should be a hover effect on left.

FYI, press Command/Window and click a component to select it.

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HA - thanks @david! The Window button doesn’t do it but the CTRL button does (as does right-clicking).

And are you saying that the component on the left should have a highlight surrounding it when the mobile view component has the cursor hovering over it? Or am I reading that incorrectly?

Yes, I am saying that we should add that!

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Wasn’t that present in the old builder, a green bubble?