Community Challenge: AI in your apps [Winners Announced!] 🤖🧠

Are glide experts included in this competition? If yes then i guess we normal level glide users stand no chance no matter what we’ll create cause these people have like a lot of experience than us, so i hoping you can take a look at this issue.

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Expert is just a title and nothing more. We’ve all had to start somewhere. We learn from each other, whether you are called an “expert” or not. Competitions like this are a great way to learn new things and improve your skills. Everything I learned was from experimenting, asking questions, and helping others in the forum. You may surprise yourself with what you can do.


Thanks for the question, @Rodgers :+1:

Adding to what @Jeff_Hager said:

Experts are always included in these challenges, but that doesn’t mean they have an upper hand.

A great submission, in my opinion, covers three things:

  • Why it was built: What problem does the app/feature solve?
  • What was built: What does it do?
  • How it was built: What was the approach in creating it?

When selecting winners for challenges like this one, we’re weighing multiple factors. Sure, Experts may be able to build more complex apps, but that’s not necessarily what we’re looking for.

We ask things like:

  • Does it solve a practical or interesting real-world problem?
  • Is it creative? Is it a unique approach?
  • Is it elegant? Is it a surprisingly simple solution?
  • Is it inspirational? Does it show others what’s possible with Glide?
  • Did the creator expand their skills with Glide with this submission?
  • How well does it fit the criteria and spirit of the challenge?

E.g. We had some great entries from non-Experts in our first build challenge for Glide Actions.

Hope that helps. :slight_smile:


Agreed. I love these challenges because “experts” and “non-experts” alike submit novel and astounding entries. The “Winter Holiday” app challenge from a few years ago was won by a non-expert (@Mauricio_Paz) and he had an AMAZING entry:

In fact, he could probably revamp and resubmit this app using AI and clean up!


I understand now. And thanks for the add up @Robert_Petitto and @Jeff_Hager. Let me get my self to work now. I have hope now thanks to what @Robert_Petitto shared on the previous winner of the actions and integration challenge😊.

5 Likes | Record.Review.Chat

Audio transcription app with additional chat with your data functionality.

OpenAI integrations include :

  • Speech to text
  • Summarise text
  • Chat with a table

Profiles :
Teacher profile allows a teacher to record/upload an audio file of a class or lecture and the app will transcribe, summarise , create a formatted lesson overview & lesson plan for students.

Video upload seems to be not allowed in the post here but can be viewed on

Shoutout to @Darren_Murphy who helped me out on the profile feature also

Any q’s just drop me a message. :v:



@Emmett_M Amazing job! I recorded a brief description and it created a summary, a lesson plan, and example questions for each of the vocab words I mentioned. The vocab words were in spanish, but it translated them to English correctly and created appropriate quiz questions for those words in the target language. Hats off!

:clap: :clap: :clap:


Thanks so much @Robert_Petitto

I learned a lot from your videos so to hear that is such a great compliment and the best validation of the use case so far!

Would love to chat on any feedback or suggestions you might have as well :+1:



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I have been testing an AI feature in Glide but unfortunately at this stage I can’t share the details as I’m under NDA but I look forward to sharing soon!


I like it because it gives me a reason to finish one of the unfinished projects I have lying around. And I can only make simple things, because of my limited skills and because I think a good idea doesn’t have to be complex. As will I show with my entry :slight_smile:


I built My Music Dream Team: 8 AI assistants for musicians, 24 / 7 available!
So I made a specific prompt for a manager, booker, publisher, accountant, lawyer, press officer, label manager, and journalist. The user asks a question and gets a good answer that he or she can save to his or her favorites. A really good knowledge base for artists without a professional team.
Since this little movie I added a FAQ page where I asked Open AI to come up with 100 questions and answers that I put in a sheet. Then I asked ChatGPT: give me 10 tags for this list. Within Glide I asked Open AI to come up with 3 actionable steps and to choose one of the tags for filter purposes.
Such an impressive combination: Glide + OpenAI


Done posting :slight_smile:

Thank you @Robert_Petitto for the video tutorial where I got my inspiration for this app.

Introducing TravelGenius.AI, your personal travel agent in your pocket.

Say goodbye to tedious itinerary planning. TravelGenius.AI simplifies the process by generating customized travel itineraries based on your preferences, time constraints, and desired experiences. Let our AI-powered personal travel agent handle the details, while you focus on creating unforgettable memories. (thank you chatgpt LOL)

I hope you give it a try -

Thank you gliders!


That’s a very well-crafted one my friend! The results were outstanding.


So much good stuff here! :raised_hands:

The challenge deadline is tomorrow at 9pm PT. There’s still some time to get your stuff in…!


You’re very welcome! As @Loqode says, a rising tide lifts all ships!


I have been trying to build an app w/ChatGPT for this challenge, but keep getting an error

“Send message to ChatGPT (without history): You exceeded your current quota, please check your plan and billing details.”

Yet I have a $20/month account that I have not yet used with Glide, but have interacted with it and know that it works in the browser. I have pasted the API into Glide but keep getting this message.

Has anyone else had this issue?

The Google account that I set up OpenAI under is not the same one I use for Glide and I am wondering if it makes a difference.

Hi! Try this.


Hi Kathy :wave:

You need to use the openai ‘API’ to use with glide - register a credit card with them and pay as you go

It seems like you are maybe using Chatgpt instead which is $20 per month. I could be wrong :expressionless: