.com.br top level domain not working

My app’s URL: portal4x4.com.br

I tried the documentation top level domain procedures and it didn’t work. Then tried using the tool on the documentation (https://codepen.io/dvdsgl/full/qerewL) but it didn’t work either. Also when I type in my top level domain on the tool it tells me to configure Dns pretty much the same way as with subdomain.

Take a look at this thread and see if it helps. They a short video in there too.

That’s not the case because his is a subdomain. I’d like my app at portal4x4.com.br. When I use the tool it appears as in the image below. The second image is what a did on godaddy and it’s not working.

It worked! I configured it as top Level Domain as in the documentation not as the tool was simulating. Waited about 3/4 hours and it was fine!

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Sorry, my tool needs to be smarter!

I guess it just didn’t foresee the use of ccTLD so I got a little confused as to what procedure to follow.