Column not listed in Create Action View


I’m just starting with Create New Action and I’m facing an issue I cannot figure out.

I want to create a button which when clicked will set a value in a specific column and move the user directly on a specific screen/tab.

But when I go to the view “create new action” and when I select “set column values” I cannot see all the column I have in my spreadsheet. It seems that only some of them are listed. But the strange part and when I don’t go to “create new action” view and I select directly “set column values” under the general action list I can see all my columns in my spreadsheet… so why ? and why it is a problem for me ? because I want to add an action “saying” if click set column values + move to a specific tab and I cannot do that with the general action list.

Could someone explain me why I m not seeing all my column when I use the “create new action view”

Thank you in advance for your help

Can you post a screenshot or video?

I record a video of my issue and maybe it is visual chrome issue.
So for instance I’d like to select/see the column SELECT CLASS but I cannot on the “create a new action” because my scroll down bar cannot go down. I m using Chrome and a Dell PC

Thx for your help

Zoom out in your browser and shrink things down a bit.

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Thank you and sorry for this mistake on my side…but it seems strange to adjust the 100% (default chrome settings) to 90% in order to see whole the list.

Thanks again

I agree — it shouldn’t be necessary, I just know I have to do thIs on some sites depending on how they’re set up and what device (and screen size) I’m using.


Ah, I see – yes, your window is just much shorter than we expect.