Column "Distance" limit on Starter plan?

Hello there,

My personal account is currently on Free Plan.

I want to use the Distance column, I’m currently limited to 10 calculations.

Glide recommends me to upgrade to Pro, out of budget for my personal use.

Do you know if the calculation limit of the Distance column will increase if I upgrade to the Starter plan?

Thank you!

@DJP can you advise on this? Thank you.

Hey, Fabien!

Yes, the Distance column is included on the Starter plan. However, I would recommend that you use the Radar integration or the Google Maps integration to calculate distances instead. If you do not see integrations in your app, make sure to enable the Actions Beta and also make sure you are building an App and not a Classic App

This is because the Distance column will be sunset in the near future. Let me know if you have any questions!