How many distance calculations do I get for Glide Pro?

Hi there,

I am thinking about creating an app to show places of interest that is within a certain distance to the user. In the free app, it says that “Calculate 10 distances on free apps. Upgrade app to Pro to increase the limit.” However, I am not able to find the information regarding the number of distance calculations I can get from a pro Glide app. Is that unlimited or something else? Thank you very much.


I don’t think I have seen a limit for that on Pro.

I see. I have assumed the same previously as well. Just wondering whether this limitation question has been asked by others or maybe the Glide team could clarify.

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Is there a limit for that on the basic plan?
I am about to upgrade but I am still determining if glide will meet my needs - distance calculations are important but I don’t want to pay too much just for testing