Column Components in Edit Item

Hey Glide Devs, wondering if there is a reason why we get Column Components (hidden values from the detail screen’s row of data) sendable in forms with a new data entry…

… but we don’t get Column Components when updating data from a detail screen with Edit Item.

Use Case: locking or unlocking editing after an edit is made by sending a hidden boolean value to that row of data that shuts off its editability after the edit is made. I guess you can sort of do this by sending the CurrentDate, CryptoHash, or even CurrentUserEmail components to a column and treat empty as false and filled as true… but it would be cleaner if we could send other data from that row…

Here’s a use case, though, that can’t be done with this method:

Use Case: creating a system where editing an item requires spending in game points. You would have a Math component in column 1 that is calculating x + {value in column 2}, where x is the cost to edit that item. And each time you edit, you send the current value of column 1 into column 2, essentially increasing its balance by x. Then you have a separate calculation that subtracts column 2 from their total points balance. Currently, this is a calculation that needs to be done using both google sheets and google scripts.

Can we please have this?

Agree…special columns are available (timestamp, email and UUID) columns would be nice.

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