Collection not functioning using values from screen

I have a books table and a chapters table. When a chapter row is created, I include the rowID of the book so that all chapters can link to the proper book. Problem is that when I filter the chapter collection based on matching the book rowID from the chapters table to the screen value of the rowID from books, it does not work, When I hard code the books rowID into the filter table to match it to the rowID in the chapters table, the filter works. Any ideas are appreciated.

Thank you

Based on your description, it seems like it should work, but it’s hard to say without screenshots showing how you have everything configured.

However, for something like this, I would personally create a relation in the book table linking the book to the chapters. Then, assuming you are on the book detail screen, change the source of the collection to use the relation. Then you won’t need a filter.


The relation did the trick. Thank you

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