My "list element" list only one element, but there are many on the list

My “list element” list only one element, but there are many on the list.

The filter is fine, double checked, and work well in another page.

Do you use Row Owners?


Can you share since screenshots of what you see, how things are configured, and what the data looks like?

By “list element” I assume you mean a List style collection?

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Im filtering with the values of the screen: City and State. But all the cities there are only one value. In this case there are 4 at the list.

Would you be willing to try something similar to what I suggested in the following post? Instead of a Relation, try it with a Query column so you can specify both city and state. The table component is new and may have some bugs, but I’m also starting to wonder if there is an issue with filters.

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But how i will filter? The query colum doesnt appear for me to filter the data inside the table (or other relation)

The query becomes the source of your collection. There is nothing to filter because the query is already handling the filtering of data. You don’t need to apply an additional filter on top of the collection.

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