Collecting mail adresses, is this the way to go?

I want to do this: collect email addresses and give people access to exclusive content as an award.

Is this the way to go?

Homepage with user-specific columns for First name, Surname, and email

Button with action:

Add row to Newsletter tab with First Name, Surname, Email

Delete this row

Open New screen with exclusive content

And what is stopping you?

I think I did this … but I end up with some strangeness, so I thought, let’s check if my way of thinking is right. If so, i make mistake in the details.

What’s the purpose of deleting the row if you are using user specific columns? Seems to me that deleting a row could be the source of issues. Especially if multiple users are using that same row. Wouldn’t it be better to just clear the user specific columns instead, or would you even need to clear them???