Code Css

Hi, Does anyone know how this CSS code is adapted to glide

Is there a way to search all tabs?


If you want a specific view that looks like this, you can construct a code snippet on Github to generate URI and display it in a webview component, which would look like what this Codepen brings.

If you want to change the display of the Glide inline list to look like this, I think that will be much harder since the structure of the item is different.

hi, @ThinhDinh then that code cannot be adapted to glide?

and would you know how to put a search engine that searches all the sheets?


What exactly do you want to use it for? You would have to present inline lists of all sheets, and loading that tab would present a big problem for your users’ experience.

I would not say completely no but it’s hard to adapt.

It is so that it shows me the categories in a sliding way

If you’re trying to search these categories then you can just enable the search for the inline list.

Again, regarding the CSS, I think it’s hard to adapt.