Possible to target HTML in list, while searching?

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I have a rather long list and have every item color coded, and have the whole list formatted using CSS, however, when I use the list search function, the formatting completely disappears until I exit the search function. Is there any way to target the list while using the search bar?

Thanks in advance!

Yeah, the only way to avoid this would be to create your own custom search bar.
Essentially you add a text input component and target that at a user specific column, and then use whatever is entered there to filter your list.

It’s possible to use a bit of extra CSS to make the text input look more like the native search bar.

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Hi, I’m having a little bit of trouble trying to do this. I created a user-specific column in my sheet, but when I enter something in the text entry box, it only changes the status of the item in the first row, as it’s only writing data to the first row. I, then, tried making a new column and formula in Google Sheets to pull the value down into every row, which worked but the data takes about 5 seconds to filter. Do you have any suggestions as to what I was doing wrong with your method, as I couldn’t figure it out?


Use a single value column in Glide to apply the user specific value to all rows.

Don’t try and do any of this in the Google sheet. As you’ve discovered, that will just slow things down.

Are you sure you’re actually using a user specific column? If you’re seeing the column in your Google Sheet, then it’s definitely not user specific.

I couldn’t see it in sheets, the second column was a separate one I created.

Sorry for asking so many questions - is there a setting in the User-Specific column that will apply is all the way down, or do I have to make some sort of special column in the glide table that pulls it down?


Yes, a Single Value column

Oh, I see. I’ll try that out and report back! I never knew that option existed!

That worked! Thank you so much!

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