Cobine 4 tables using join left query

Hello community, I’ve been very frustrated trying to combine 4 tables in one so then I can analyze it. I’m going to explain It better:
-First table (User Table):
Employe Name - Rol

-Second table (Courses)
Course name - Frecuency to done again

-Third table (Log_Rol_Courses)
Course - Rol needed

-Fourth table (Log_Course_Done)
Employe - Course - Date course done

-Query (combine the tables above):
Employe (User Table) - Course Employe have to do by rol (Log_Rol_Courses) - Last date course was done (Log_Course_Done) - Frecuency to done again (Courses) - Date Next traingin (Formula: Last date course was done+Frecuency to done again)

TheN I would like to have some other columns but if I get the query I think I won’t have problems.

What I have on mind is:

A departament updating the courses that need to be done by rol
HR checking who have to do the courses, if they have done it and whe they have to do it again. Sometimes an employe change the roll so the query should update checkin the courses that the new rol requires

I did all of that in “Excel power query” but I don’t now how to replicate that in glide.

If anyone have an idea how I can achive this in glide please let me know, I would very apreciated.


I read your explanation but I had a confusion by reading “Join left query” with 4 tables.
Nothing better than some images :wink:

Here are the Join types that I know:
But I wonder if in the end what you want is this but with 4 tables:


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mmm, like @gvalero I find it a little difficult to follow what you are trying to do.

But in general terms, when you need to “join” tables together in Glide, you use Relations.


Hola @gvalero ,

How I did it in excel power query is:

What I would like to get at the end is the last table where I can track:

Employe name
Course must done regading rol
Las day the course was done
Day till next course updating

Thank you very much

One question from me is do you really need that within one table? Would you achieve the same functionality of managing your data if you just keep them as 4 separate tables and construct appropriate relations & screens to manage those pieces of data?

Hello @ThinhDinh ,

For me is totaly fine to do it with separated tables but I don’t no how I can check the course that every persona must do vs. the last course he did (similar what I do in the last table)

I think I’ve solved the problem using google sheets and airtable options. Find below the videos that helped me:

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