Cloudinary: convert to image

Hey @david and @mark…Noticed today when dragging and dropping an image into the app that the image is now hosted in and not firebase. Is this a recent change? If so, it disrupts my cloudinary integrations as cloudinary doesn’t recognize these URLs as images. Please advise.

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These URLs are controlled by Google, and can change at any time. Can you try adding an extension? In the worst case, just ask Cloudinary to recognize them.

Yeah…I tried swapping the XML extension to PNG…no luck. I’ll ask cloudinary. Thanks for your quick response.

Figured it out. I had to add in this parameter to convert it first:

I imagine I can use f_png instead as well.

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None of of my cloudinary links were affected by this change. I noticed it a few weeks ago. But I double escape all urls that go through cloudinary, and I think that does the trick on any image url through cloudinary. In fact, I originally did this because cloudinary wasn’t recognizing the firebase URLs. It was an encoding issue that resolved when I encoded twice.

Meaning I haven’t added f_jpg to any of mine and they still work.