Clicki: AppSumo Launch🚀

Hello Gliders! I just launched my product on AppSumo today :smiley: Can you imagine if all your clients promoted your business on social media? How many more sales would your business make?

Clicki turns your customers into promoters. Create viral growth :chart_with_upwards_trend: for your service business. Instantly reward your customers with cash money for every unique click they generate for your business.

We built Clicki entirely using glide pages. I am personally using Clicki in other companies I own and the results so far have been really exciting. Promoter-customers of our partner companies are really running with it and creating many new opportunities for the businesses using Clicki. Would love your support or feedback on the product.

Explainer Video - What is Clicki? - YouTube

App Sumo Deal - Clicki | Discover products. Stay weird.