Clicki: Turn your customers into promoters 🚀

Hey, Gliders!

I have been cranking on the new Glide Pages. I have been able to successfully build the backend company’s self-serve end. And also the front end promoter facing part of clicki. I am using glide, zapier, google sheets, airtable,, and a few other tools. Phew!

If you currently have users/clients/customers and want more of them. Clicki let’s you instantly reward your customers with cash for every unique click that they generate for your business. Clicki makes it easy for your customers to enroll, promote & earn cash rewards for promoting your business online.

Company Dashboard

Promoter Web App (what your customers would use)

Demo Video

You can sign up to use clicki for free here: Sign Up

I would greatly appreciate any user feedback as we are in beta.

Happy Glide’ing


Great work - nice product, beautifully put together.

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Thanks Mark! We have been testing with many companies in different verticals and they are all seeing lift. It is also creating easy wins for the customers/promoters. No more long typical referral credit cycle. This gets the company lift and the promoter lift almost instantly. Promoters can also cashout via venmo or cashapp - (that is a manual process - but working to make that automated via their respective api’s)

Check out clicki in the wild… these are real posts by real promoters of our clients