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Hi everyone,
is there a chance to show a picture from a map and use that as a selection if the user click on an certain region?

THX and happy New Year :slight_smile:


I’m not aware of any way to make an image interactive like that. Perhaps you can design a solution using the regular map layout. This is how my map works:

Using the Glide Map layout, place a geocode pin in the middle of each region using the region name.

When someone selects a map pin, that region name pops up on the bottom.

When the user clicks on the pop-up on the bottom, they go to the detail screen for that region.

Please let me know what solution you ultimately find. For myself, I really need Glide to add “map clusters” as a feature as one zooms in on the map.

Good luck.


The only way to achieve this would be a webview.

I’m sure a Google search for “clickable interactive map from Google sheet” will help.

Like this?

The only downside is that

  1. the map may not render well on a phone
  2. the map would not (easily or natively) trigger actions in the app itself…all interaction would be done in the webview.

THX very much, this way will work for me :slight_smile:

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