Add locations in a map by users

I am working in a project to listed in a map public football field. The idea is users can add public fooball installation in the data base with name, description, exact location and photo. We want user click in the point of map and add football field.

I am trying but I cant get it. Do you know if it is posible? Thanks

No, at the moment there’s no feature to click on a point in the map and add a row. You would have to allow the users to use a form and tell them to input the address in text or coordinates form.

Any idea if clicking a map to add a row might be in the pipeline?

Can you go into more details on your use case? Do you mean clicking a point in the map would lead to adding a row?

I’d like to be able to add map points directly from an aerial photo like this in Glide.


This is in Glide, but I added the points by clicking on a similar photo of the same area in Google maps to get the coordinates, and copy-pasting into a Glide form screen.

I guess I don’t really want to add a row as much as trigger a form screen action where the coordinates of the point clicked would save to a coordinates column when the submit button is clicked. The exact workflow isn’t critical, even just being able to click on a map and have the coordinates saved to the clipboard would be workable.

I haven’t heard about anything like this in development, but maybe playing around with Mapbox and embedding them in Glide would help with your case. It’s not straightforward though, might involve the use of Github to host the code.