Form: enter location visually in map

Hi there!
I would like users to add points of interest (poi) to a map/list with a specific geolocation.
so far I have only found the option for users to enter

  1. a street adress or
  2. to use their current location.

As the locations the user has to add has no specific street adress (e.g. on a beach) I would need the user to choose the location of a poi visually on a map, e.g. by dropping a pin or setting a marker.

Does anyone know how that is poossible?

glide support directed me towards ‘set column values’ but I wasn’t able so far to make any sense out of that.

thanks for your support!

No, there is no option to set a location by clicking on a map. You would have to know a street address, or be at that location to use the current location feature, or know the coordinates ahead of time.

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