Clearing Data in "Note" and "Adjustment" Columns After Button Click

I have a problem with my Glide app that I’m hoping someone can help me with. In my “Staff” table, I have several columns containing employee data, but most importantly, I have two columns named “Note” and “Adjustment”.
I have a button in my layout that, when clicked, transfers employee data to another table. However, I want the “Note” and “Adjustment” columns to be cleared (set to be empty) after clicking this button.
What are some possible solutions to achieve this?
Thank you for your assistance!

You can add Custom action having Set Column action which clears values for this two columns.

I need to clear values for this columns in each row

One way to do it is with a bit of smoke and mirrors.

In my app “Note” and “Adjustments” aren’t ID’s, so I don’t this this way is possible

Can you explain your process in more detail?

Does the button transfer only one staff row, or several? If several, how are you accomplishing that?

Are you wanting to clear those two columns in the original table or the table the data was transferred to?

Are you trying to clear the values in those two columns for all rows at once or just a single row?


The button transfers all values in the table. I use API Call and joined list to do it. I want to clear the in original table. I want to clear the values in all rows.

Can you explain why do you want to move those rows? I’m not getting why you should do it like that, is it something like a log?

Also, are those “Note” and “Adjustment” columns user-specific or not?