Clear Template Sample Data

Hello, I’m trying to delete the sample data from “Equipment and asset management” because I spent a ton of time entering data only to then delete what I didn’t need of remaining sample data. I was unable to fill cells in other areas after deleting. So I started over from scratch trying to delete al of their info from the beginning and that didn’t work either. I reached out to glide and Jesus couldn’t of been less helpful. Please help me figure this out or maybe send me a link to a blank template? All info is built into glide sheets not google FYI.

I’m not familiar with the template, so I’ll need some more info. So are you having trouble deleting data or adding data? Can you share some screenshots or maybe a video of the problem?

Ok so I solved my issue. I am new to this

So what I had to do was click the the arrow next to sources beside refresh circle on bottom left.

I was the able to delete all of the information after it opened the google doc. I was deleting all info in the glide tables and it was causing errors