City guide template

does anyone see any issue with using the city guide template for multiple cities with the geo-location feature? basically, I am creating a yelp for a super niche category…

No, that sounds absolutely fine. What were you worried about in particular?

Would it be best to show venues by a users registered city or simply use the geo-location feature to show places? Also, does the geo-location work in list view or only map view ?

I think the initial extent of the map is going to attempt to make all pins visible that are in the list, so if you can narrow down the list to the specific users area, then that would help. The geolocation feature is just going to show the users current location in relation to the existing pins if the user’s current location is visible in the current map extent. If the user’s location is not in the map extent, then they will not see there location. Tapping the geolocation button again will narrow in to the users current location, regardless of the pins in the map.

I believe the geolocation button only works on the map view.