City Guide deleted

Hello, I have been using Glide for some time with the Starter version. Then, since the app was not finished, I went back to the Free version. Now I try to open the city guide and it takes me to a URL that says the file was deleted.
Does anyone know how to solve it?
If I go back to the starter version, will it work again?

What “City guide” are you talking about here? Is it the app that you were working on? Can you give us a screenshot of the problem?

When i click there…
City guide

I’m from Argentina

Try looking in the trash bin.

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Could you show us a screenshot of the Google Sheet you are working on, the one called “City Guide”?

Try duplicating the app and select to duplicate the sheet as well. Hopefully it might create a new copy of the data for you.

No, not now. I have no access any more


What happen if i don’t have access to that sheet?
can the app work normally?
there’s something important to take care?

Your app is built on data. Your Glide account needs access to that data for the app to run correctly. Somehow you would need access to the original Google Sheet or have a duplicate that your app could be built on.

I continue working on the app, by the moment it works.
But i don’t know if then it could be a trouble…

(sorry, i’m very new on it. Actually, i paid someone to do the app, he started but never end. 10 months later i’m trying again but with someone else. He is working, but that sheets doesn’t appear. I don’t want to make him work in vain)

If you don’t have the original Google sheet, then I’m not sure what you can do. Somebody must have deleted it at some point, if it’s no longer in your google drive account.

I guess you could try exporting the data as a CSV file, then load it into a new Google sheet, and then try swapping the old Google sheet with the new one in the app settings. Not going to guarantee that it will be a smooth process or that it will work correctly.


If you want to do things properly, you should probably ask the person helping you to ensure:

  • You have a Glide account
  • You are an admin of the team
  • They are a member of the team
  • You are an owner of the Google sheet
  • They have editing rights to the Google sheet without being an owner.
  • If necessary, they can set up the Google spreadsheet again

It might be a little extra work.

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