Choice Component Bigger

It is possible to make the component bigger ?
So that user can see the whole text.

Do you mean the label?

You might be able to do something with CSS, but a simple alternative would be to leave the label empty and then use a separate text component as a label.

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i mean the text inside the component. So that we can see the whole text and the text wrapping.
In this case the size of the component need the bigger box.

ah, right. Originally that’s what I thought you meant, but you highlighted the label in your screen shot.

Anyway, there is no native way to deal with this, so you’d almost certainly need to use CSS. There is really no space on the screen to make the choice selector any wider, so I think your only option would be to try and reduce the font size. This is probably beyond my CSS skills, but maybe one of the CSS gurus can advise.

Personally, I don’t think I’d bother. What I would probably do is use a separate template column with an abbreviated version of the company names, and use this as the “Display As” value in the choice component. For example, is the “SDN BHD.” really necessary for the purpose of identifying the company? You could probably get rid of that to start with…

Actually, i need together with the name of person in charge so it could be long.
Or else can we select from the Inline List (from other sheet) select and place to the current sheet?
Using maybe the set column action ?

Yep, it’s possible to use an Inline List as a Choice Component. And it’s a very useful technique to know. The trick is that you have to create a Single Relation between your Inline List source and your choice target. Then you use a Set Column Values action through that relation when any item in the Inline List is selected.

Here’s a video that I made some time ago that shows how to do this…


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