Choice component with options description

Hi people!

I’m think it’s no possible, but I want to ask for it, just in case there is a way.

I want to show a text description of each option included on a choice component, because just displaying the name option isn’t information enough to user.

Is there any way to make this?
Thank you!!

Yes, you can do that.

Create two columns in the table that contains the list of options for the choice. The first column can have the name, and the second column can contain the longer description.

Then in your choice component, use the Name for the Content->Values, and the longer Description for the Content->Display As.

Hi! Thank you for you quick responde :slight_smile:

Doesn’t works :frowning:
With this configuration, the component display “description”, but name is missing…

Captura de pantalla 2022-10-01 a las 8.46.06

I want to show both,


If you want to show both, you can create a template column that combines both values and use that as Content->Display As


Great! Thank you!! It’s very useful, but doesn’t look perfect,
it’s hard to read :slight_smile:

Is possible to include code to break the “name” and “description” in a second line?

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No, I don’t believe that’s possible, sorry.

Ouhh! But I’m really happy with this solution, it’s functional, thank you much!!

use description for that

Actually, you could get very close to what you want by using an Inline List instead of a Choice component. It’s more complicated to set up, but it will work.

I tried some similar yesterday… but yes, it’s complicated.

But that forced me to have 2 different forms; that is, with Inline List the data is saved in another table, not the main form, and then there was no way to relate the data from one table to another for the same user, plus it adds unnecessary rows, I think.

The trick is to create a single relation between the table where the Inline List is sourced from, and the table/row that your screen is attached to. Then when a user selects an item in the list, you can use a Set Column Values through this relation to set the value in the column that your choice component currently updates.

No extra rows are necessary.

I should add though, depending on the overall context, this method may not work. It depends which type of form you are using, and whether or not it is attached to a table row.

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I didn’t know how to make a relation that the data that was created with Inline List in another table belonged to the ID ROW of the main form where they would have been created.

At the moment this solution that Template works. The Inline List option was cleaner and more elegant, but it takes me a long time to develop and I need to get practical right now.

Maybe later I’ll investigate more, thanks a lot again!

Yes, I agree.
The Inline List method is “cool”, but it’s really a bit of overkill for something simple like this :wink:

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