Checkout field customization

Background: I’m building an app to help youth sports teams fundraise by selling cookie dough. Players/parents sign in and can use the shopping cart/checkout functionality to place orders on behalf of family and friends. Here is the basic data structure:

  • Campaign → Participants (1:many)
  • Participants → Orders (1:many)

Question: How can I tie orders placed (e.g. App: Orders) back to the signed-in user? Is it possible to customize the checkout fields (through either Glide Apps or Stripe)? For example, can I add a field for the email of the player/parent in addition to the customer placing the cookie dough order that should be attributed to the player/parent for fundraising purposes?

You could probably create a text column and then place an entry component above the buy/add to cart button. Set the product name or product id field for the buy button using the column you created. That way you can enter an email address or name of the participant before clicking on Buy and it should write that value to the app:sales sheet. Unfortunately I couldn’t get this to work with User Specific columns, so it would have to be column in the sheet that would be visible by everyone, unless you set up your rows where each product would be duplicated for each user and you use per user data to filter the rows by the signed in user.

Or along these lines, just create duplicate products with unique product ID’s for each participant, but still filter the products by signed in user. The credit card name will indicate the person making the purchase, but each campaign participant will be selling their own unique product id’s. The unique id’s will indicate who made the sale.

Kinda of messy, but but since you can’t customize the order page, that’s about the only option I can think of.

@Jeff_Hager Thanks for the input, I’ll try out this approach.

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