Check data in another table before performing action on this one?

I’m a technology specialist trying to create some apps for my high school; one of which is a hall pass type of application. I have a sheet of Hall Passes, with row order by student email (so a student only sees their passes). But before they can use their pass, they have to have it approved - Approval PINs are kept in a different sheet (“Staff”).

I’d like the details page of a particular pass to have a text entry field (“Approval PIN”) and an Approve button - when clicked, the app looks to confirm that the number in the Approval PIN box exists (is a valid staff PIN), and then changes fields in the current Hall Pass record (marks as Approved, sets a time, etc.).

Is it possible to built that interaction in the Custom Actions tool?

Your “Approval PIN” entry would be a user-specific column, then you do a relation from that field to the list of valid approval PINs (or whatever logic it may work, combined with the user’s email or something like that, would be great if you can tell us more about your data structure for the valid PINs Sheet).

If the relation is not empty then show a text that it is valid, if not valid then show another text to warn them about it.

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