Custom Actions Question

I have an app running on an Airtable base. It tracks (data entries by employees): employee timesheet entries, accomplishment of specific commissionable actions and rewards for receiving 5-Star Reviews (entries by Admins). That’s 3 different sets of data.

A Payroll Calculations table combines information from all three sources to determine an employee’s pay for a given Pay Period (which is Week # - Sunday to Saturday). So, when an employee makes a Timesheet Entry, a row is created in the Timesheets table the following values are to be passed to the Payroll Calculations table:

  • Employee Name

  • Time entry Start Date and Time

  • Time entry Stop Date and Time

When an employee makes a Timesheet entry from an iPhone, the new record is created in the Timesheets table. I’d like it to also to create a record in the Payroll Calculations table and update corresponding fields (Employee Name, Start/Stop Date and Time). Should I create a custom action as part of the Upon Submit routine?

If not, what suggestion would be easier/better? I’d like the same thing to happen in the Payroll Calculations table when records are created in the other (Commissionable Actions and 5-Star Reviews) two data source tables.

Thanks in advance for any guidance provided.

Yes, you could have an onSubmit action that adds a row in your second table.

Might not be applicable here, but I’d be a little wary of creating too much redundant/duplicate data.

Hey, is there a way to trigger the Buy Button through a custom action??

Thanks Darren. Given your last comment, I think I’m going to change my approach to have all data posted to the Payroll Calculations table, rather than having individual tables for Timesheets, Commissionable Actions and 5-Star Reviews. It would eliminate duplicate data and make things a lot more efficient.

For individual sets of information, I’ll just create Airtable Views for Timesheets, Actions and Reviews.

No, that is not an option now.